A light and breezy set of pentomino-themed mazes. Find a route that visits exactly one cell of every pentomino (no more no less). All solutions are unique. Each pentomino provides four challenges on increasing grid-sizes. Think you've sussed the X-pent on 7x7? How about the Y-pent on 8x8 or the Z-pent on 9x9? It's a race to the finish!

  • Number of puzzles: 50
  • Average play time: 45 mins 
  • First published: August 2021 (exclusive to itch.io)
  • Inspired by: Exactly1 Mazes  
  • Related: AMazeIn Hexominoes  &  AMazeIn Heptominoes
  • Keyboard controls: arrow keys or WASD to move; [Z] (or backstep) to undo; [R] for restart.
  • Touchscreen controls: tap at the main menu; swipe to move; open the tab menu in the upper left to undo moves and restart.

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puzzlescript implementation - Matthieu Haller - 2021 
puzzle concept and designs - Erich Friedman - 2021

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Made withPuzzleScript
Tagsmaze, PuzzleScript


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Awesome game!  I finished every level except the last congratulations one. 

These are tough, but very fun! Even the first level took me a few minutes but was enjoyable to deduce. Nice simple presentation.


Thanks for giving it a go! In hindsight the very first puzzle is a little bit trickier than it ought to be. The long red pentomino appears to be the simplest shape, but that doesn't seem to equate to the easiest puzzles.