Consider this... what would a four-dimensional maze look like if rendered as a two-dimensional interactive puzzle? Well, here is the answer. Can you manouvre the four-dimensional runner to its four-dimensional goal?

  • Number of puzzles: 7
  • Average play time: 20 mins 
  • First published: 2003 ( relaunch: July 2021)
  • Original:
  • Keyboard controls: arrow keys or WASD to move; [Z] to undo; [R] for restart.
  • Touchscreen controls: tap at the main menu; swipe to move; open the tab menu in the upper left to undo moves and restart.

puzzlescript implementation - Matthieu Haller - 2021   
puzzle concept and designs - Oskar van Deventer - 2003


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No clue how I beat it all, but I did.  

Neat game, the x key is very sensitive though for some reason, makes switching annoying. 

Thanks for the feedback - I'll investigate if I can improve the sensitivity of the x-key.