Tiny-meany tilt-mazes!  Tilt the tray and let the fun begin. Red, blue and green must reach their own goal, all at the same time.

  • Number of puzzles: 32
  • Average play time: 60 mins 
  • First published: 2021 (exclusive to itch.io)
  • Keyboard controls: arrow keys or WASD to move; [Z] to undo; [R] for restart.
  • Touchscreen controls: tap at the main menu; swipe to move; open the tab menu in the upper left to undo moves and restart.
  • 29/08/21 update: Colour-blind friendly update

Explore more of Erich's puzzles at: https://erich-friedman.github.io/puzzle/
Explore more tilt-mazes at: http://www.clickmazes.com/new-indext.htm

puzzlescript implementation - Andrea Gilbert - 2021 
puzzle concept and designs - Erich Friedman - 2021

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Made withPuzzleScript
Tagsmaze, PuzzleScript


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2 years later and I'm back again.  

Finally beat all the levels.  I can't wait for you to come out with many more games! 


Ooh some really nice level-design here!  It feels like the sort of puzzle that could easy result in levels that are A Bit Much, but they seem so far (I'm not so far in) to be on the compassionate side, that let themselves be solved with a bit of thinking and manipulation 😅 Nice!

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Thanks! The collection is actually based on data from computer search, i.e. the deepest states possible for each possible wall configuration. The set was pruned, hand-tested, re-ordered and pruned again, to try to eliminate repetition and add a sense of progression. Grids that were discarded along the way were sometimes recycled as hand-crafted tutorial puzzles,  to demonstrate a particular feature. Inevitably many puzzles have traps where you can get stuck but these were carefully positioned so, in the early ones at least, it was very obvious what states you had to avoid. It was a fun process refining the set. We also looked at the 4x4 data - but I think "A Bit Much" would be the right phrase there. The 3x3 grid was definitely the sweet spot.